Scripting value box property changes with an asset template

I have some controls at the top where users can select a date and shift. I have scripting on the controls to update the aggregateinterval and aggregatestarttime on some value boxes. Maybe a better way to do it but it seems to work. When I tried to use it for an asset template though, I ran into issues because all the value boxes have different names. I might could do it but I think it would take a little while to script so many controls. Is there another way I might could do this?

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    James, Hi,

    This is similar to something I was attempting. I was able to apply a common start & end time to all value boxes within my asset template by only applying the script result to the 1st set of value boxes in asset card #1.

    I did rename the first set of value boxes (asset card #1) and used the names in the script. I applied Aggregatestarttime to 2 x value boxes in Asset card #1 and all the other cards(assets) followed.

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  • Hi James,

    If you want to change all the ValueBoxes on the same page when you update the DateTimePicker then you can use the following code for the OnDateTimeChange event.

    public void DateTimePicker1_OnDateTimeChange(object sender, DateTime dateTime)
        Screen.ScreenControls.Where(c => c.Kind == ControlKind.ValueBox).ToList().ForEach(c => ((ControlValueBox)c).AggregateStartTime = dateTime.ToString("o") );
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