MQTT Collector

The current MQTT collector is based in Sparkplug B specification, wich is not easy to implement in a PLC environment.

Please, in the near future, consider a simple MQTT payload like this:

Payload = {

                    "timestamp": 123456789,



                                            "name": "Variable1",

                                            "value": 1234,

                                            "type": "Int32"


                                            "name": "Variable2",

                                            "value": 5678,

                                            "type": "Int32"




Whit this flexibility we will be able to integrate more IoT metrics to the Canary Historian.

Best regards.

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    Thank you for your suggestion Juan

  • Hi josorio ,

    Starting in v22.0, the MQTT Collector will be able to consume a JSON payload. See our Roadmap for more details.

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  • Hi Juan, in addition to support for the simple JSON payload, in version 23.0.0 there is now the capability of configuring a javascript function to parse and transform many different JSON structures and log them into the historian. To summarize, you build a javascript function to parse the JSON message and then map it into a pre-defined structure that the MQTT collector can consume and log into the historian. With this you have complete control over the tag names and metrics that are logged. For additional configuration details see this: https://helpcenter.canarylabs.com/t/h7hvlzk/mqtt-collector-overview-version-23 

    • Josh Wolf Would it be possible to add support for storing metadata in the MQTT 5.0 user properties rather than the payload? 

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