Enable rolling calculations

Currently all windowed calculations use a fixed window. The start and end time of the window are fixed in time. So if you apply the time average filter this leads to a graphs with steps. Especially if the time window is relatively large with respect to the plotted time range. For example if I average over 10 minutes and show 1 hour of data, I have 6 steps.

It would be better to make this window a rolling one for all calculations. Currently it is possible to do this by using a calculated tag. However this approach has several disadvantages:

  • a licensed tag is consumed
  • difficult to change the window size for the end user
  • these calculated tags are stored, but contain no new information
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    • Jeff Knepper
    • Helping you release your data rockstar!
    • Jeff_Knepper
    • 2 yrs ago
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    To clarify, you are speaking of the application of an aggregate to a trend within the Trend Graph control, correct?  You would like to have apply the aggregates in a 'running' format rather than a fixed 'time slice'.

    • Jeff Knepper Yes that is it I think. I attached a screenshot to be certain.


      • Jeff Knepper
      • Helping you release your data rockstar!
      • Jeff_Knepper
      • 2 yrs ago
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      Roald Ruiter Understand clearly, thank you sir.

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  • With settings:
    Aggregate Kind: TimeAverage2,
    Aggregate Interval: 08:00:00, 
    chart time span picker 1 day,
    chart start date time picker: 13.03.2024 6:00:00

    Resulted chart has 4 steps due to it actually starts averaging at 8:00:00. Is it possible to change Start time to start averaging at 6:00:00?

    If Aggregate Interval: 06:00:00, it actually starts averaging at 6:00:00 but it selects only 6 hours not desired 8

    In Canary Application there is AggregateStartTime parameter

    • janez. stravs 

      The chart does not have an aggregate start time like a control in an application does. If using an 8h aggregate interval, it would just normalize to 12:00am, 8:00am, and 4:00pm. If wishing to stop and start on 6:00, I would recommend creating a calculated tag that runs periodically every 8h, then offsetting it by 6h. Something like this

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