How to Install the Central Admin (version 23)

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The 'Canary Central Administrator' service works in conjunction with the 'Canary Updater' service that runs on a remote device (referred to as a 'node') to update and push out configuration changes. Rather than having to configure devices individually and locally, the Central Admin allows the user to configure multiple nodes from one central location. This article will walk through the steps of installing the admin service.

Installing the Central Admin Service

The Central Admin service must run on a Windows machine (Windows 10/Server 2012 or newer) and requires .NET 6.0 Framework. This could be the same machine as the historian or stand alone. The install is separate from the normal CanaryInstaller.exe and can be downloaded upon request by emailing support@canarylabs.com.

  1. Download and install the .NET 6.0 Hosting Bundle for Windows, if necessary
  2. Download and run the CanaryCentralAdminInstaller.msi
  3. Check the box to accept the License Agreement, then click 'Install'. 
  4. Once installed, verify the service is running by browsing to https://localhost:8443. A nag screen will appear initially as the service is using a self-signed certificate. Proceed and a login screen should appear. Click 'LOGIN'.
  5. Once logged in, select the 'Settings' tab on the left to grant remote access to users/groups. (By default, only local admin access is available to the Central Admin.) Choose between Active Directory (Windows) or LDAP (Linux).
  6. Select the 'Authorization' tab to add users/groups.
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