OPC Collector Sample Interval Preference

Configuring groups on the OPC collector gives a field for sample interval, but it appears this interval does not apply to all tags in the group depending on the source. What guidelines does the OPC Collector have for following it's sample rate vs the sources sample rate?

For example, I set the group sample interval to 30 seconds and put two tags in the group. One from a device (a simulator in my case) and one from a tag provider (Ignition). In Canary, the device tag is storing a data point every 30 seconds as specified, but the provider tag is updating every 5 seconds, which is the provider's update rate.

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  • Hi jjones . The Sample Interval is a "suggested" update rate for the OPC server to use; however, this can be overwritten by the OPC server. It is possible that the sample rate you wish to use is not supported by the OPC server and so it returns a revised sample rate. This behavior is per the OPC-UA spec. In that case, you should see a warning in the Canary message log as to what the sample interval has been changed to.

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