Stop Rate Calculation in Bar Chart

I have the 2 bar charts in Axiom as shown above.

These are based on the following:

  • Production = DeltaTotalCount for Winder.Total Yards To HMI
  • # of stops = CountInStateZero for a “Running Flag” calculation I made (which is just if([Card.Lower Doffer Roll Actual Speed To HMI (09N1-ST-305)]<10,0,1))

To help see the stop trend when considering that it can be important to consider the production per time period as opposed to just number of stops (e.g. if 1000 yards were made last week and they had 5 stops, that’s better than 2 stops the week before if they had only made 100 yards that week). So, what I’d like to do is make a calculation for # of stops / (Yards Produced / 1000). For example, looking at the current period (last bar) of the charts above, the calculation would be 175 stops / 215 (1000 yards) = .081 stops per 1000 yards. I’m not sure if/how I might be able to get this in Axiom. Any thoughts/advice?

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  • Hi James Wise

    I think you would just need to create another calc tag using the expression you've defined in your message. You could find the delta for a given period for the total yards, then find the CountInStateZero for the stops for the same time period and do your division.

  • Thank you Steve, I think I have it! It isn't perfect but unless you have other ideas (or the plant believes there is an issue), I think we can consider this solved. I'll document details here in case anyone else might benefit from this. 

    I think some of my concerns were making a calculation for an aggregate and not knowing then what AggregateKind to use in my bar chart. I made a calculation for stop level by day and set it to periodic instead of value change using an interval of 1 day and offset of 23.999h so that the timestamp day matches the day it belongs to. I used "Start" as the AggregateKind on my bar chart. I think this all worked fine except that the value won't show up till the day is ended. I'll see if this presents a problem. 

    I tried to then roll that up to a bar chart per week and per 4 weeks (what we call a "period") but I didn't find a way to do that as I didn't find any sort of SUM aggregatekind I could use in my bar chart. To address that, I just made calculations for stop level per week and per period as well. I think this works though the issue of the value only being available when the week or 4w period ends could be an issue.

  • Hi James,

    There is a ResettingAnchoredInterval calc function that may be useful here if you don't want to wait the entire period before receiving an update. Take the 1 week calc for example. You could have it run periodically once a day, but at the end of the week it would reset for the next weekly interval. It would look something like this: The values would accumulate throughout the week until it resets.

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