Interpolation of trends

I am a new user to Axiom, but it appears that it doesn't interpolate when drawing trends.  The result is that I am getting sawtooth trends as I zoom into data.  This has been disconcerting to my operators as our previous trend packages would smooth (diagonal) the line between two points as opposed to creating a XY box line to connect to points.  

Does anyone else have this issue?

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  • Hi Geoffry Brown ,

    You are correct. Axiom does not interpolate between points. Axiom trends the data to reflect the value and duration of that value on the chart. If a tag holds a value for 10 before changing, you would see a flat line of 10 seconds on the chart for that value before jumping up or down to the next value.


    This is a chemical tank that only shows changes in level by step function. I would much prefer a direct line between points.  I can't believe that no one else has an issue with this.

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