Connecting directly to ControlLogix PLC without OPC

Hi All!

We need to run a small automated report on an AB 1756-L81E (ControlLogix) on Axiom. 

There is no OPC UA server, and we would like to access the data without it.

It seems that Canary has a MicroLogix collector, but is there a ControlLogix equivalent without the use of an OPC/alternative collector? 

Can we collect from the PLC in any other way without purchasing a server/driver?

Any help appreciated!

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  • Hi danie ,

    We can collect from an AB ControlLogix device if using the Central Administrator and Collector. This is outside of Canary's typical install. I would recommend reviewing the documentation here: https://helpcenter.canarylabs.com/category/central-admin-v22

    When you get to "How to Configure a Node Device" you will see there are attached templates. One is for an AB device which can collect from MicroLogix or ControlLogix. If you would like to test this out I can send you a link to download the install and needed files.

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      • eric. tremblay
      • Data Architect
      • eric_tremblay
      • 1 yr ago
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      Steve Mason 

      Hi Steve,

      How do we edit the templates (json) files to add tags ? I do not think we can manage hundreds of tags in a template file using Notepad

    • eric. tremblay 

      There is currently no UI for managing the tags. The bulk of the work is in creating these templates. The idea behind this collector was to provide our integrators with a way in which they could push out a template to many devices on a large scale. If it's just a few devices, it may be best to go through an OPC or MQTT interface.

    • danie
    • danie
    • 1 yr ago
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    Thats great, thanks Steve.

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