Parent-Child Assets and Calculations

Hi Everyone,

I need to understand how to create rules for parent-child relationships between assets. I can't find any useful examples in the documentation, forums, or on YouTube.

Conceptually, I have an asset called Asset-A, which is the parent of Asset-B, and Asset-B is the parent of Asset-C. I have 2 instances of Asset-B for each Asset-A and 20 instances of Asset-C for each Asset-B.

What I need is the average of all Asset-Cs for each Asset-A.

How can I do this? I couldn't achieve it using the Rollup function in calculations, and I suppose I need some parent-child rule in the View.

Thank you.

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  • Hi rodrigopoyanco ,

    Given your asset hierarchy, the Rollup function should work without having to use a parent-child rule. That rule is only needed if a child asset would belong to more than one parent asset which doesn't seem to be the case, unless I'm misunderstanding your description.

    When using the Rollup function, you want to set the Asset Type to the parent level, Asset-A. The Asset-C type would be placed in the expression of the function like so:

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    • Steve Mason Excellent....you are correct....thank you!

    • You're welcome, rodrigopoyanco !

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