Data migration- best practices

What is the best method / practice to migrate data from a Canary Historian located at plant's  site to a cloud application? 

Also, would like to know what are the  recommendations to backing up data.

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  • Hi mdowdell ! By default, the raw data files (.hdb2 files) are stored in C:\Historian Data. If you are wishing to move that data to another system, you would need to copy that folder over to the new server.

    Once the files have been moved...

    1. Open the 'Canary Admin'
    2. Navigate into the 'Historian' tile
    3. Select the 'Configuration' tab at the bottom
    4. Click the 'SCAN...' button and 'BROWSE...' for the C:\Historian Data directory
    5. Check the box to 'Include Subdirectories'
    6. Click 'SCAN' again.

    This will discover any hdb2 files within those subdirectories and create the DataSets for you automatically.

    Any collectors would need updated then to point to the new cloud server.

    As far as backing up data, Canary doesn't offer anything within its software to do this, but if you wanted a list of the default directories to back up they would be...

    • C:\Historian Data
    • C:\Program Files\Canary
    • C:\ProgramData\Canary Labs
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