Redundant Historian Architecture

What is the best solution for connecting a redundant pair of Ignition Gateways to two redundant Canary Historians?  Should we just log historical data to both historians all the time or is there a better way to set this up?

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  • Kris, I believe this diagram matches what you are describing.

    You would essentially duplicate your data logging configuration on each Ignition Gateway, exact same tag names logging to the exact same DataSets.  When the primary gateway is unavailable, the second cold-standby gateway would begin logging the same tag names to the same DataSets as the primary.  

  • If we are using a Warm standby system would it require a different architecture?

    • kgrindstaff Same architecture regardless of warm or cold standby.  Basically, our Sender will push whatever data is available to it on change.  If two sources are feeding data simultaneously (warm) to two separate Senders, both Senders push the data in real time to the same Receiver/Historian, but only the first unique tag/timestamp combo is recorded ('first in wins').

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