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Is it possible to download the Axiom Application from the axiom web page and install it for all users on an RDS?

Right now it is installing it per user - but shows up in the Start Menu for all users - but the other users can't open it until I install the Axiom Setup 21.1.0.exe for each user. When running it again for other users it fixes the target location in the shortcut.

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  • Currently this feature is designed to be done on a 'per user' basis.  If only Internet Explorer is present, a user will be automatically prompted to download the Axiom install.  If Chrome or another modern browser is present users may use the browser to connect to Axiom.

    The behavior you are describing regarding other users seeing the install icon but not having access to the application sounds like a bug.  We will test on our systems to verify.

    Thought... would it be possible to push out a Chrome or Firefox link on the desktop that references the Axiom server for all users?

  • dderlein We are having difficulty duplicating the bug.  Can you provide us a few more details?  Version number, installation environment, etc?

  • 21.1.0 - Windows Server 2019 - RDS Environment.

    Once a user logs in and installs the app it shows up in the start menu as installed for all users - but other users get an error obviously when clicking on the Axiom App.

    We want the users to use the full desktop version - because they have a hard time setting firefox / chrome to full screen - it's a nuisance to them.  This full-screen app takes this part out of the equation.

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