Font is different on identical value box


I have a bunch of value boxes in an axiom application that point to different tags but they look different, some are darker that others. I can't find a settings in the valuebox's property to fix that. Any idea why some are lighter?


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  • Hi sdaoust ,

    The faded value boxes indicate the quality of those values are "Uncertain" as opposed to "Good".  Currently, there is no setting to disable this functionality.

    • Steve Mason Am I correct to assume this also applies to bar charts where below for example, 2/26 and 2/28 are "dimmed" compared to 2/27 because all values for 2/27 are good but there are some "bad" values for the other 2 dates? 

    • James Wise Correct. The bar chart is aggregating values so those intervals would be Uncertain as they contain Bad raw values within them.

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