Open Chart/Application Menu (version 21)

  • updated 3 yrs ago

Within this menu the user has the ability to open a chart or application from the 'Public', 'Private', or 'ReadOnly' folder. The user can switch from 'CHART' and 'APPLICATION' by clicking the appropriate mode in the top right corner.

  • Public - All users have read/write access.
  • Private - Each user has their own private folder only visible to them if logging in with their own credentials. (The Anonymous Logon has its own private folder which would be shared among anyone signing in anonymously, using http.)
  • ReadOnly - Only admin users have read/write access. All other users have read access. (The Anonymous Logon is NOT an admin user.)

Icons in the top-right allow the user to create new sub-folders, rename, copy, cut, paste, and delete sub-folders and files. Only admins can alter the ReadOnly folder.

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