Launching Axiom (version 21)

  • updated 2 yrs ago

Once the Axiom core has been installed and configured (typically done on the historian server), users may connect using a modern web browser. 

Internet Explorer is not supported.

Depending on the configuration, users have the option of connecting anonymously (http) or securely (https). In either case, users simply type in the machine name or IP of the Axiom server into the browser's address bar to connect. In most cases, this is the same server as the historian itself.

If the user is accessing Axiom while remoted in to the historian machine, http://localhost or https://localhost is also an option.

Examples of how to address the Axiom core:

If connecting securely, users will first be prompted to enter their credentials. Once logged in, the Open Chart/Application menu will appear where users can choose to open a preexisting chart/application or create a new one.


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