How to Convert AxiomApp Files to AxiomApp2 Files

  • 2 yrs ago

The Axiom Core was rewritten in v20.3.4. Systems upgrading from a prior version must convert the old AxiomApp files to the new AxiomApp2 files. This process is done automatically as the upgrade is applied; however, there may be instances in which admins may need to manually convert old Axiom files to the new file format if the system has already been upgraded. In that case, the following steps can be used to update the files:

  1. Open the Windows Services app and stop the 'Canary Axiom' service
  2. Right-click on the Canary Axiom service and select 'Properties'
  3. Type /compatibility:xmltojson into the 'Start parameters:' field then click OK.
  4. Start the Canary Axiom service

This will force the Axiom Core to convert any old AxiomApp files into AxiomApp2 files.

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