Canary Module for Ignition Update - New Version

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Current Release - 21.1.0

October 25, 2021

The Canary Module for Ignition 8 will begin following the same version numbering as the Canary System.  For this new module release, you will need to first uninstall your previous Canary module.  All previous configurations of Canary Providers and Canary Collectors will remain.

New features include:

  • Supports higher resolution time stamps
  • Links Ignition metadata to Canary tag metadata

Tag timestamp resolution is now duplicated so Canary tag will exactly match the timestamp precision found in Ignition.

Ignition metadata fields 'Documentation', 'Engineering Units', 'Engineering Low Limit', and 'Engineering High Limit' are now linked to Canary metadata fields 'Description', 'Eng Units', 'Eng Low', and 'Eng High' respectively.

If custom metadata fields of the Boolean, String, or Number type are created in Ignition, they are also captured in Canary.  Array, Document, and Dataset metadata types are not supported.

Note, for custom metadata properties to be captured, the 'Documentation' or 'Tooltip' field must contain a value.  Otherwise, the Tag Historian API will not pass Canary the additional custom metadata fields.

Allow up to five minutes for metadata changes to take effect in Canary.

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