Configuring the Canary System to Send Email Alerts (version 21)

  • 2 yrs ago

By configuring the Canary System to send email alerts, users can be notified if:

  • a DataSet stops receiving data for x minutes
  • disk space is running low
  • a data file was improperly closed and taken offline

It is also be used for sending:


  1. Open the Canary Admin and select the 'Messages' tile.
  2. Select the 'Configuration' tab at the bottom of the screen.

Suspend Email Notifications - checking this will disable all email notifications until it is unchecked.

SEND TEST EMAIL - sends a test email message using the configured settings. A confirmation message is displayed indicating the status of the test

SMTP Server - the name of the mail server that can send out mail through the SMTP protocol.  If you do not know the name of your SMTP mail server, contact your Network Administrator for this information.

Port - port 25 is the default for no authentication and port 587 when using authentication, but these are dependent on the SMTP server

From - requires an email address format

  • When not using authentication this address could contain the name of the machine to indicate where the message originated from, for example Mymachine@canarylabs.com.

  • When 'Use Authentication' is checked, this email must match the authentication, 'Username'. To track the source of the email the address can be formatted as Mymachine <ValidEmail@mailserver.com>.

To - a valid email address. Multiple email addresses are separated with commas.

CC - carbon copy email addresses

BCC - blind carbon copy email addresses

Use Authentication - email credentials for SMTP servers requiring authentication

Use SSL - most SMTP servers using authentication will support SSL for encryption

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